FireSong Media Group is a subsidiary of Creative Media Marketing, Inc., Rahway, NJ  ~  732.574.8984

            We offer the following services to our Business & Retail Clients:

  • Voiceovers for Multimedia and Video

  • Sound Effects Design

  • Character voices

  • Video Production, Editing, File conversions

  • "Advertising On Hold" programs and Equipment

  • Music Production

Artist Development:

  • Songwriting assistance

  • Vocal Training - Strengthen your voice and improve tone & pitch

  • Gain in-studio recording experience

  • Professional Life Coaching to help you achieve your artistic and business goals

Music Production:

  • Total production of your song(s) from concept to finished mix

  • Complete audio recording and editing services - solo artists, bands, choirs, etc., covering every style and genre

  • Mixing and mastering of your raw tracks

  • Duplication / packaging for your completed project

Other Services:

  • Video Recording and Editing

  • Professional Photography - Headshots, Location Shoots, etc.

  • Graphic Design

  • Instrument Repair, Maintenance, and Restoration


Reasonable rates. Package plans available.

Payment Options:


For more information, call Russ at 732.574.8984 or email


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